Remediation System Design

Challenge & Solution

The federal government manages the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program at a facility in North Carolina.  Previous groundwater assessment activities conducted at the site identified the existence of two separate plumes of petroleum on the groundwater.  The source of the product is likely three separately identified spill occurrences and other spill incidences.  A planned demolition and expansion of buildings on the site was scheduled to occur in 2006.

This building construction as well as the ongoing daily business of the Client on the site, imposed limitations on proposed locations for free product remediation structures including extraction wells, trenches, and a treatment system compound.  Rhea successfully designed a free product removal system to remove the free product from the subsurface without interrupting normal, ongoing Client operations including planned and in-process construction efforts.

Project Description & Highlights

This remediation system design was challenging because the product plume is within the footprint of several existing buildings and one newly constructed building.  The design involved an extensive background study to determine the environmental regulations applicable to this site and the parameters set in the Corrective Action Plan (CAP). Rhea’s design also involved communicating with and carefully coordinating design aspects with the architect for the building construction.

Rhea investigated several product removal options within this heavily industrialized area.  It was concluded that a combination of vertical and horizontal wells was the best and most constructible approach. Rhea also oversaw the installation of the horizontal wells and directed on-site decisions during installation.  The system is currently operating as designed.

Rhea successfully completed a Remediation System Design at a site with significant physical constraints with the industrialized sector of the government site.  Rhea’s history of seamless teamwork with our environmental contractor allowed the Client to feel confident that the design and construction could be performed hand-in-hand. 


North Carolina