Periodic Levee Inspections

Challenge & Solution

Periodic Levee Inspections (PI) were performed at three flood control projects along the Allegheny River in southwestern New York. The levee systems were divided and inspected in segments along the river.

The PI program is a federal program to verify proper operation and maintenance, evaluate operational adequacy and structural stability, review design criteria to identify changes in current design standards, identify features to monitor over time, and improve the ability to communicate the overall condition of each levee system, in order to identify deficiencies that may pose a threat to human life and property.

Project Description & Highlights

Rhea was contracted by the federal government to perform the PI for each levee system, and was responsible for the compilation and review of historical documentation and a comparison of levee segment designs to current design criteria. The initial phase of the work consisted of reviewing the original design (late 1940s for two of the segments and late 1960s for the other) and identifying geotechnical, structural, hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical design elements that did not meet the current government design criteria. Rhea identified and rated the state of various inspection items including floodwalls, pump stations, levee embankments, interior drainage systems, and flood damage reduction controls. The rating information was recorded in the Levee Inspection System (LIS), which is a Microsoft Windows-based computer tablet application developed for the PI program.

Rhea prepared a Periodic Inspection Report for each of the eight levee segments, including, in each report the results of the design document review, the methods and results of the field inspection, a summary of the items of concern, and recommendations for remedial actions to address the identified concerns. In addition, Rhea presented the results at a meeting with the Levee Safety Officer and specialists in the areas addressed in the inspections.

Rhea’s understanding of the levees and detailed inspections have successfully identified potential problem areas and provided the Client with recommendations in order to maintain safe and functioning flood-control systems. 


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