With hard work and passion for our professions, we are a team dedicated to providing superior services to our clients.  We believe a challenged staff is a happy staff, and a happy staff makes for satisfied clients, all of which combine to provide for our firm’s financial health and its bright future.

We invest in each employee’s intellectual growth by not only providing on-the-job training, but by encouraging continuing education through tuition reimbursement for school, conferences, and workshops.

We also promote growth in our interpersonal relationships and within our community at large.  We’re prone to impromptu office potlucks (one week we fried a turkey to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving though we’re all as American as baseball and apple pie), celebrate birthdays with ice cream cake, and hang out during non-working hours.

Facts About Our Rhea Ecosystem

On average, we consume 35.5 cups of coffee and 1 latte per day.

We have had 18 broken bones.

Half of us prefer Elvis to the Beatles, and listen to our brains over our bellies.

We’re optimists rather than pessimists….which is possibly why more than half of us love braving the stores on Black Friday instead of shopping online in the peace of our own homes.

Our Pittsburgh staff chose sprinkles over jelly, whereas the North Carolina fellas prefer jelly by far.

As a whole we watch a flick at home rather than go to the theater.  As Chris sums it up, “they ask you to leave [the theater] if you show up in your pajamas, so I have to choose DVD at home.”

Our North Carolina team looks forward to the bloom of spring, while the Pittsburghers enjoy the colors of fall.

We’d rather hike a mountain pass than cycle on a trail, we’d rather ride a cruise ship than in a boat that sails.

Whether you’re dark and broody or strong and stoic, provided you’re out to save the planet, we like you.  While we tied on Batman vs. Superman, we had two write-ins for Wolverine, and two for Peter Parker’s alter-ego.

We’re more likely to pick up a book than a magazine.

We chirp more than we hoot, preferring the early morning to the hours after dusk.

Footballs win over pucks almost every time. 


North Carolina