Marcella G. Johnson, PE

Marcella is the President of Rhea Engineers & Consultants, Inc.  She is a program manager for geo-environmental studies, design, and field management work.  She also handles financial management, marketing and business development, quality assurance, and office staff development.  Marcella has more than 30 years of civil, geotechnical, water resources and environmental investigation, design, construction, and operations experience.

Education & Qualifications

B.S. University of Pittsburgh Civil Engineering
M.S. University of Pittsburgh Civil Engineering,
(Geotechnical and Hydrology emphasis)
P.E. in PA, OH, NY, NJ, VA, WV, NC, SC, KY, IN, GA
PA Asbestos Building Inspector
PA Lead Inspector and Risk Assessor
VA Asbestos Building Inspector
VA Lead Inspector and Risk Assessor
ISO 14001 Auditor

Background & Experience

Marcella’s initial work experience was in the areas of geotechnical and hydrologic engineering and civil construction.  She has been the project engineer on over 100 geotechnical and hydrologic projects.  These projects included geotechnical investigations, designs, and inspection for highway construction; foundation investigations for buildings, bridges, hydroelectric plants, hazardous waste landfills, and wastewater and water treatment plants; groundwater studies at waste sites; pavement designs for roadways and airport runways; pre- and post-development hydrologic analyses; and geotechnical, hydrologic, and hydraulic investigations of dams and ponds, including feasibility studies, flood routings, dam break analyses, and development of corrective measures.

Marcella has been the project engineer and construction manager on numerous $1 million to $5 million construction projects including roads, bridges, and retaining walls.  Her construction management duties included supervision and coordination of inspectors, preparation of partial payment estimates, initiation of change orders, and preparation of as-built drawings.

Beginning in the mid-1980s, Marcella applied the expertise she had gained in the areas of investigation, design, and construction to the hazardous and solid waste construction and remediation industries.  From 1985 through 1994, she completed investigations and feasibility studies, developed designs, and performed construction management for hazardous and solid waste landfill construction and remediation projects.

From 1994 through 1999, Marcella was the team subcontractor program manager for a major Remedial Action Contract for cleanup of petroleum-impacted sites at Navy facilities located in the Mid-Atlantic States and Puerto Rico.  Later, Marcella became the prime contractor program manager for that Contract.  From 1999 through 2001, she was the principal designer, construction manager, and program manager for over $10 million of remedial action work.

Marcella’s contract management experience includes lump sum, time and materials, unit price, and cost plus types.  She is adept at work breakdown structure organizations using the hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste format developed by the Department of Defense, and project estimating using commercial spreadsheet programs like MCACES Gold.  Also, Marcella has experience in developing critical path method schedules and performing earned value analyses using Microsoft Project and Primavera software.

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North Carolina