Water Resources Engineering

The Rhea team’s experience in water resources management spans more than 25 years.  Work has been performed for commercial, residential, and governmental projects pertaining to the following:

Stormwater Design Services
Water Supply Systems

Wastewater Services
Municipal Administrative Support
System Startup Services

Representative projects include:

site visit
Stormwater Management & Permitting

Rhea redesigned the conveyance system- avoiding potential impacts to existing wetlands and designing an underground stormwater system modeled through five design storm conditions.

Innovative Stormwater Management

Rhea’s creative use of permeable grass pavement saved over $50,000 in stormwater design and construction costs for the large communication company developing the cell tower site.

communication tower
Stormwater Analysis & Erosion/Sedimentation Control Plans

Unnecessary paved areas were eliminated to waive the requirement for a stormwater site development plan.

faa site
Architectural/Engineering Design & Permitting Services

Rhea has enabled the federal agency to fast track schedules, administer one contract in lieu of several, and reduce change orders and subcontractors.

site development
Planned Residential Development Design

The project engineer was unavailable to attend the Planning and Zoning hearings, so Rhea assisted the Owner with preparation and also attended the meetings, where final approvals were granted in each case.



North Carolina