Field Monitoring/Management

Rhea has conducted all phases of private and public field projects including document preparation, site monitoring, and operations and maintenance. Rhea has a proven track record of providing cost-effective and thorough services for the following:

Remedial Systems Management
Remedial Action Monitoring

Remediation Systems Operations & Maintenance

Site Remediation Oversight
Other Field Monitoring/Field Management Phase Services

Representative projects include:

uxo clearance
UXO Clearance

Rhea cleared over 420 acres for re-use, recycled roughly 90,000 pounds of ferrous material, and finished under budget and months ahead of schedule.

carbon replacement
Installation Restoration Optimization

Rhea provided recommendations to accelerate the time for groundwater remediation and cost estimates for each recommendation. The cost savings was estimated to approach $30 million.

after field work
Groundwater Sampling & Analysis

Rhea has provided the federal government with sound, cost-effective field services at the landfill facilities since 2006.

remediation system site inspection
POL Operations & Maintenance

Through excellent operators and constant system optimization, Rhea has increased system operating efficiencies and moved some sites very close to closure.

site inspection
Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Design, Installation & Operations

Hydrocarbon vapor levels inside the building quickly decreased to below maximum limits approved by industrial hygiene personnel.


North Carolina