Environmental Services

For our environmental projects, we do not simply execute a scope of work; we bring new approaches and ideas to the table for discussion and consideration. Rhea recognizes that it is important to align our technical resources and experience with the interests of our environmental clients. Rhea has extensive experience providing environmental services for both public and private sector clients.  Our skills include the following:

Site Characterization/Remedial Investigation
Building Materials Surveys and Risk Assessments
Feasibility Studies/Regulatory Decision Documents
Engineering Design for Site Cleanup
Environmental Permitting and Compliance

Representative projects include:

bachelor housing
Lead & Asbestos Survey & Risk Assessment

Rhea used a portable XRF analyzer to gain immediate information, including lead content and depth of contamination- completely eliminating paint-chip sampling.

site visit
Remediation System Design

Rhea successfully completed a Remediation System Design at a site with significant physical constraints with the industrialized sector of the government site.

preparation for HRC® injection
Groundwater Remediation

Through our experience with treatment technologies, Rhea has optimized the remediation at this federal government landfill.

previous condition of ravine
Section 206 Aquatic Restoration

Rhea hopes to use this site to demonstrate how an area once consumed by invasive species can be restored to its natural, thriving, native state.

field work
Non-Time-Critical Removal Action

The project was designed to successfully remove impacted sediment and soil while minimizing the impacts to wetland and ecological habitat.

fuel tank
Fuel Tank & Other Environmental Cleanup

Due to Rhea’s location and the Client’s ease of 8(a) contracting, the PAARNG was able to obtain excellent environmental services and management quickly and inexpensively.



North Carolina