Scholarship Program

To promote education and assist our employees, Rhea offers scholarships to college-aged children of all employees. To earn the award, each year the participating students must write an essay on a topic ranging from environmental to technology themes.

Inspired by corporate wellness initiatives, the essay topic for the 2013 Rhea Scholarship, “Developing a Successful Wellness Program at Rhea in 2013″ challenged participants to develop a creative in-house program for Rhea to implement across its three offices. The entrants were required to research wellness programs and interview a cross section of Rhea employees with the goal of developing an economical program, engaging Rhea staff to get healthier together.

“…the key to [the fitness program’s] success is to keep the process fun, engaging and rewarding…I recommend the form of a competition, which can encourage discussion between coworkers and help them to build off of one another’s enthusiasm. By providing a flexible program, a variety of exciting activities both within and outside of the office, and by rewarding those who participate most fully, Rhea will…continue to build its reputation as a forward-thinking company that truly cares for the well being of its staff and sets a positive example for its community. ”
Nadia Johnson, University of Pittsburgh

The 2012 theme centered on: The Digital Revolution and Social Networking at Rhea – 2012 and Beyond.

“When contacting potential new clients, it is best to stick to the method of face-to-face contact. Take the client out to dinner and pitch your ideas. It is much more personal, and the client can get a better feel for one’s intentions…face-to-face interaction is vital in the workplace.”
– Monique Brissette, Purdue University

The 2011 theme explored: Car Fuel Options Available Today – What is the Best Choice?

“Instead of focusing our energy on a resource that is bound to be depleted, new and renewable fuel sources must be explored and supported – by scientists, designers, consumers, communities, and governments…In such downward economic times, the intellectual and creative capital of our nation should be fully tapped to decrease our foreign dependence, increase national morale, improve environmental conditions and spur economic growth.”
– Monica Blasko, Pratt Institute

2010’s theme prompted: Paper or Plastic?

“Choosing either of the options provided by the supermarket results in a no-win situation for the environment, but there is another choice. When a grocery store clerk asks, “Would you like paper or plastic?” the green consumer should reply, “Neither!” and opt for a reusable alternative, like canvas or hemp bags instead.”
– Nadia Johnson, University of Pittsburgh


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